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▼ Semiconductor Equipment and Parts
 Equipment for semiconductor line or Robotics
  - D-bot
  - Robot Cart
  Monitoring System - Gard Eye
  Gas Diffuser & Filtrations
  Mesh flexible & Q.C
  TC Wafer & Map Data Logger
▼ Valve & Fitting
 Ham-let:Semiconductor industry Valve fitting
  Valve Fittings
 ASTAVA:Industrial Valve,Manifolf,Interlocking system
▼ Temperature Senser & Raw materials for manufacture
  Marlin - TC connector , Wire, Sensor
  Safina - Platinum wire and other platinum products
  MICC Ltd - Mineral insulated cable
  Miyabi - Ceramic fiber and thermal insulator ring


Mesh flexible & Q.C

- Specially designed Mesh Flexible with Quick Connectors for various applications

TEL 303i(Alpah) MTO PCW Mesh Flexible Hoses


300mm TEL Indy plus(MTO) Mesh Flexible Hoses
Quick Connector Safety : Safety device for assembly and operation of Quick Connector.
Customized design for various kind of Quick Connectors.

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