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▼ Semiconductor Equipment and Parts
 Equipment for semiconductor line or Robotics
  - D-bot
  - Robot Cart
  Monitoring System - Gard Eye
  Gas Diffuser & Filtrations
  Mesh flexible & Q.C
  TC Wafer & Map Data Logger
▼ Valve & Fitting
 Ham-let:Semiconductor industry Valve fitting
  Valve Fittings
 ASTAVA:Industrial Valve,Manifolf,Interlocking system
▼ Temperature Senser & Raw materials for manufacture
  Marlin - TC connector , Wire, Sensor
  Safina - Platinum wire and other platinum products
  MICC Ltd - Mineral insulated cable
  Miyabi - Ceramic fiber and thermal insulator ring


Gas Diffuser / Filtration

- Advanced filtration technology

  • Filter and Diffuser for Semiconductor fab Equipment.
  • PFK Gas Diffuser and filter make gas flow to spread smoothly and prevent gas flow pattern and flow of particles.
    PFK Gas Diffuser and filter can be supplied in any shape or design as customer’s requires.
  • Material : SS316, Quartz


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